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Terme in Val di Sole

The Health spa of Pejo

The Health Spa of Rabbi: Elegant, modern, but above all functional, here is the new thermal establishment of Rabbi, at the end of the same-named valley, in the Stelvio National Park, encircled by a thick forest of conifers, which turns the environment exceptionally healthy. To the water cures, a long tradition, the spa adds balneotherapy with a potential of 450 baths per day and the thermal swimming pool for therapeutic walks.  

Moreover, it offers also the latest bathing methods, as the phlebologic course, the particular cellulites treatment which so much troubles our ladies, with under-skin injections of carbon dioxide taken from the thermal waters. The more, the aerosol therapy and the physiotherapeutic cures in the perfectly equipped gym.

The Health Spa of Pejo: Pejo is a historical name for modern water and bathing cures, linked to a fair number of visitors since the second half of the 5th century. From the Alpine Source the water with a low mineral content, has brought the name of Pejo on the tables all over Italy.

Two are the types of waters "offered" by Pejo and suggested in various therapies of the modern bathing medicine: The ferruginous water with medium mineral content of the Ancient Source, used for cures of anaemic, gastro-enteric and digestive tract disorders, gout, neuroses and psychoses due to depression, and the low mineral content water of the Alpine Source, which has a diuretic, anti-uric and anti-calculus action.
Val di Sole - Le Terme di Pejo

The Health spa of Rabbi

In the new Spa Centre complete with swimming pool, gym and theatre/congress hall, following treatments are carried out with out-patient service for prescriptions and check-ups: Water cures (for digestive apparatus and metabolism diseases, urinary apparatus diseases, hypochromic anaemias, lymphatisms): Balneotherapic cures (chronic peripheral arteriopathy, lymphatic pathologies, phlebopathologies, arterial hypertension, obesity, arthrorheumatic and muscular pathologies, neurodistonic syndromes); Inhalation and Aerosoltherapic cures (rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic otitis); Massotherapy, CO in suit, treatment of cellulites and oral hygiene (gum showers for periodontal diseases).
Val di Sole - Le Terme di Rabbi
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